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Larry Waid has always had an eye for design, from signwork to sculptures he has mastered artwork that shows his dedication to attention and detail. A Tulsa native, Larry has his work displayed all around the Oklahoma area. His sign work can be seen all over Tulsa and his sculptures are in many different galleries and shows including the Tallgrass Gallery in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Larry recently won "Best of Show" at SOFA and just returned from Arizona after completing a human anatomy workshop.


A graduate of Famous Artists School, Larry has enjoyed drawing and sculpting in clay, bronze and wood since the 1970's. His years of passion and technique show in his work and have earned him great recognition. His sculptures have a wide range of expression but he specializes in the human anatomy. I asked Larry why he loves to focus on the human anatomy and he responded in a beautifully simplistic way, "I think the human figure is one of God's finest creations and I want to learn how to sculpt his best work."

In addition to Art School Larry continued his education at the Philbrook Museum taking life drawling and painting classes. At this time Larry was introduced to sculpting in wood. The discovery of 3D art had him intrigued right then and there focusing his talent and effort to create such beautiful work.

Larry now resides in Collinsville, Oklahoma where he maintains an in-home studio. He spends his days creating and studying new pieces. In his down time Larry gardens, spends time with his family members, and watches his favorite sports teams. Larry continues with his education taking three to four workshops a year along with monthly workshops with the Tulsa branch of the Oklahoma Sculpture Society.

To get in touch with Larry please visit the "Contact" page and send him a direct message.

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